Tuesday, March 15, 2016

How To Amp Your Skincare Game For Spring

Spring is just around the corner, and lucky for us, that means good things for our skin. I'm sure many of you know from experience, but the harsh winter weather tends to wreak some serious havoc on our complexions. The frigid temps and ├╝ber-dry air essentially suck the moisture from our skin, making it more susceptible to things like irritation and dry patches. Now, though, as the days get warmer and the flowers start to bloom, our epidermises will start to calm down — but that doesn't mean we should slack off. Ahead, I've laid out a few super-simple ways to keep your skin in check and ensure it's glowing and clear as we head into the new season.

1. Exfoliate: During the winter months, it's actually better to cut down on how often you exfoliate your face, as it can strip even more moisture from your skin if you do it too often. That said, using a gentle exfoliating mask like this one by Herbivore a few times a week will get the job done, sans any irritation or dryness. Thanks to skin-loving ingredients like soothing pink clay, your complexion will be left looking brighter and feeling softer.

2. Don't Slack On SPF: This is a HUGE one. Protecting your skin from the sun's harsh ways, especially as it starts to show itself more and more, is incredibly crucial for optimal skin health. Something I don't suggest is only relying on whatever SPF is in your makeup, whether that be a foundation, BB cream, or tinted moisturizer. Your best bet is to use a cream that also has other skin care benefits, like this one by Clinique.

3. Always Remove Your Makeup: This one should go without saying, but the fact is, so many of us fall asleep with our faces still on mid-Netflix-binge. Amirite? But in all seriousness, it's super important to remove your makeup as often as you can. My lazy girls, micellar water, like this one by Garnier, will be your best friend, as it's crazy-gentle and so easy to use. You can even use it in the morning in lieu of cleanser, as it's a quick and simple way to re-reshen your face after a night's sleep.

4. Invest In An Eye Cream: Even if you're only in your early twenties like I am, it's still a good idea to start using a quality eye cream. Why, you ask? Well because prevention is everything. You certainly don't have to splurge on one, but this one by Origins is well worth its slightly hefty price tag.

5. Try A Cleansing Brush: If you really want to take things up a notch, go ahead and try any of the awesome cleansing devices on the market. Some can certainly get pretty pricy, but all the experts swear by their skin-cleaning powers. This one, created by Proactive, will dig deep into those pores and vacuum all the bad stuff out, and it's under $40. Not too shabby.

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