Thursday, March 31, 2016

Three Innovative Cleansing Methods To Try, ASAP

Collage courtesy of Polyvore. 

I'll cut to the chase: If you're someone who has been using the same Cetaphil or Clean & Clear cleansing wash since you were in the third grade, I urge you to try something new—like right now. You see, I definitely heard somewhere that change can be a good thing, and well, I promise you guys that this is one of those cases. Sure, your basic cleanser might be getting the job done, but how can you not wonder what else is out there? I mean, I sure do. I personally used your basic Noxema original wash for nearly 10 years before I decided to branch out, but boy am I glad that I finally did. 
In short, the ways in which you can cleanse, exfoliate, and tone your skin are nearly innumerable. However, today I'll be detailing three techniques I recently had the pleasure of test-driving. Herein, the low-down on each. 

Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser ($28): Fancy yourself a deep clean feel? Well then look no further because Boscia's cult-favorite detoxifying wash is right up your alley. It contains charcoal as one of its active ingredients, which works by essentially vacuuming out the pores, leaving them clean and tight. It also contains glycolic acid to improve texture and tone, as well as vitamin c to help brighten and defend against damage caused by free radicals. Finally, the best part is that it warms up on the skin as you use it, so you can truly feel it working.
The MakeUp Eraser ($20): This crazy-cheap makeup-breakup cloth is ideal for all my lazy girls out there who want to be able to take the day off in one simple step. Comprised of a woven polyester blend, this kitten-soft cloth—which is reusable in case you were wondering!—truly sweeps away any and all of your makeup, including stubborn waterproof mascara. And, all you need is WARM WATER. Anyone else mind-blown? I highly recommend this 5-star method. 

Drunk Elephant JuJu Bar ($28): Albeit bar cleansers have been around for awhile now, this one by Drunk Elephant, a notable non-toxic brand I adore, has proved the only one that's sat well with my easily-irritated epidermis. Not only is it super-gentle, but it also helps to heal the skin with ingredients like Heilmoor Clay and Virgin Marula Oil. Case in point: Every time I bring out this elephant-imprinted bar, my complexion always looks and feels much happier post-cleanse. 


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