Sunday, April 24, 2016

5 Badass Beauty Looks From Instagram To Copy This Weekend

It' no secret that Instagram is one of the best places to go when you're in need of some beauty inspo. Find yourself in a beauty rut? Scroll through your feed and you'll find something that sparks your fancy. Don't know what look to go for tonight? Try searching beauty tags and a plethora (read: millions) of looks will come up. With that said, to save ya'll the time and trouble, I went ahead and nailed down five ~fabulous~ looks from the 'Gram that will hopefully inspire you to get out-of-the-box with your makeup this weekend.

1. Glitter eyeliner, FTW.
2. When in doubt, throw on some mascara in a high-voltage hue for a healthy dose of ~drama.~
3. La la lashes and luminous skin = always a winning combo.
4. Nearly-noir lips and mermaid strands is something every girl should try at least once.
5. Never be afraid to swap your basic black or neutral shades of liner for a fun pop of electric color.

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