Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Skincare Routine: Mario Badescu & more

This post is going to be all about skincare! Sadly, I have never been one of those girls we all secretly hate that can wash their faces with bar soap and wake up with perfect glowing skin. I've never had perfect skin so it's always been my mission to figure out what works best for my skin, and what can make a significant difference. A little about my skin: it's always been very dry, but I get oily in my t-zone throughout the day. My skin is also very sensitive and easily becomes red or irritated if I'm too rough or using a harsh product. I get hormonal breakouts, but I've been lucky enough to never have acne. Lately these have been the products that have really been helping my skin, especially in the cold winter months! I hope some of them can help you too :)

I first heard about Mario Badescu products from a YouTuber I love, Jaclyn Hill. She's a gorgeous makeup artist, and you guys should all go check her channel out! Anyway, I decided to try these products because she raved about Mario Badescu. 

I bought this cleanser specifically because it says it's for dry and sensitive skin types, and that's my skin in a nutshell. I apply it to my face in the shower when it's dry and massage it in with my hands. Then I gently exfoliate and wipe away the cleanser with a wash cloth. It's really calming on my easily-irritated skin and never leaves my skin feeling stripped and super dry. AND it's only $10!

The first thing I need to say about this face scrub is that it smells AMAZING. No joke, it's pure sweetness in a jar. I can definitely smell the honey in it which I love because honey is very good for the skin. As you might have guessed from the name, it has small almond particles in it to exfoliate the skin gently. What I love about this scrub (besides the smell), is that it is super gentle on my hyper-sensitive skin. It doesn't leave my skin looking red, but it gets off the dead skin! 

This mask is simply lovely. There's nothing more I love than a mask that does exactly what it says it will do. This mask is designed to calm red, irritated skin. I use this whenever my skin is feeling particularly irritated and just needs some calming. Hence "calma mask." I just distribute it all over my face for about twenty or so minutes and then wipe it off with warm water. and poof! my skin feels calm, refreshed, and clear. 

This cream is under the protective creams category, and I think it does exactly that. As I said, my skin is very dry, and it's been very hard in the past for me to find a moisturizer that would keep my skin hydrated all day. This cream is also targeted to calm redness, so I love it! I use it morning and night. 

Ok this post is gettting pretty long so I think I'm going to make separate posts for the eye creams and serums I use! Thank you for reading :)



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